How to comment on a WordPress blog

Eileen (BROOKLYN_BORN) has requested instructions for commenting on this blog. So I opened up Microsoft Edge, and and took some screenshots of the process, the way it will look for someone who is not logged into a browser. Hope this helps!

First, navigate to the blog of interest. Click on the title of the post you want to read / comment on.

When the blog post is open, scroll down to the comments section, which will start with, “X (number) of thoughts on [Post title]”

If there are already comments, you may need to scroll further, down to the bottom of the comment section

You’re in the right place when you see, “Leave a Reply” and a box for entering text

As soon as you start typing in the comment box, options for identifying yourself will appear.

You can click the WordPress, Google, Twitter, or Facebook icons to use your identity on one of those platforms. Note that those of you using Blogger/Blogspot will by definition have Google accounts, since Google runs that platform. You may find that you’re already logged into Google as yourself in your browser because of this, and some fields might already be filled in.

If you are logged into any of those platforms, you will see a note underneath the comment box telling you which account you’re currently logged in as, and giving you the option to log out and/or enter the fields manually, by clicking “Change”.

If you’re not currently logged into any of those platforms listed, you can manually fill in your email, name, and blog URL. You also have the option to subscribe to any other comments on this post, or to the blog as a whole. (Either with the check box on the left, or the “Follow” box on the right).

When you are finished typing in your comment and choosing any subscription options, click “POST COMMENT.”

After you click “POST COMMENT,” the owner of the blog will receive a notification to approve your comment. Currently this blog is set to only require approval the first time someone comments, after that, comments will appear immediately. If your comment requires approval, you’ll get a notification of that.

Once the comment is approved, it’ll show up in the normal way with all of the others.


Everything we do here serves multiple purposes, if I can manage it…including growing pole beans.

Pole bean “awning” growing over our sliding glass door

Since our house is passive solar, the front is (mostly) oriented to the south. The “mostly” is another story that I won’t get into here.

Anyway, in the summer any extra shade we can get on that side of the house helps keep us cool. It also means we also can sometimes lift the exterior shade in front of that window, to see out. (Or nap in front of the window, if there’s nothing interesting out there at the moment)

View of the trellis “awning” from inside

I like to grow beans for shade so we can also EAT the results! Today was our first “real” harvest (other than “testing” one now and then). That right there is sunlight shaded from our house, converted into 136g of fresh, crispy green beans. Yum. 😉

136g of green beans, on a kitchen scale

529g of Golden Oysters

I love mushrooms. I love them so much that we cultivate them.

Sections of poplar logs with yellow oyster mushrooms growing out of the interstices

With all the recent rains, our Golden Oyster mushrooms on poplar logs are fruiting! (

The slugs like them too, so I usually try to get to them before they are half-eaten. I did pretty well today and salvaged 529g. The slugs probably got about 1-2g.

529g of oyster mushrooms sitting on a kitchen scale

Over in our “refugee from SP” maintainers’ group (, MARTHA324 recently posted a mushroom stir fry recipe she enjoyed ( I think some variation of it will be on the menu tonight. 😋

Starting over, over here

Another Sparkpeople refugee. Working on moving my old blogs, both from SP, and from my old WordPress account, to this spot.

In the meantime, here’s an index of my old SP posts:

And here’s a link to my pre-SP blog:

…and here is a link to the Google group for maintainers and aspiring maintainers where I hang out, most of the time:

A Keith Harring type cartoon of multicolored stylized people supporting each other in a pyramid, with the one on the top reaching for the sun