529g of Golden Oysters

I love mushrooms. I love them so much that we cultivate them.

Sections of poplar logs with yellow oyster mushrooms growing out of the interstices

With all the recent rains, our Golden Oyster mushrooms on poplar logs are fruiting! (https://www.fieldforest.net/category/warm-weather-oyster-sawdust-spawn-species-strains)

The slugs like them too, so I usually try to get to them before they are half-eaten. I did pretty well today and salvaged 529g. The slugs probably got about 1-2g.

529g of oyster mushrooms sitting on a kitchen scale

Over in our “refugee from SP” maintainers’ group (https://tinyurl.com/Maintain-weight-start-page), MARTHA324 recently posted a mushroom stir fry recipe she enjoyed (https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1022121-mushroom-pasta-stir-fry). I think some variation of it will be on the menu tonight. 😋

21 thoughts on “529g of Golden Oysters”

    1. We usually cook them. This batch got sautéed in a pan, combined with caramelized onions, garlic, and thyme, and tossed with chicken over angel hair pasta 😋

      The garlic & thyme were from our garden, too.

  1. They are pretty as well as delicious. I remember my grandma picking mushrooms in the woods. She knew exactly which ones to pick and which to avoid.

    1. BROOKLYN_BORN? Is that you? 😀

      We pick them in the woods, too. Around here we’ve gotten comb tooth, giant puffballs, and chicken of the woods.

      We grow a lot of other kinds, too.

      1. Donna Bush dsjb9999 got your second reply not Eileen, Brooklyn Born but love both of you and your messages, are you Anya? Get muddled sometimes but your email/Internet knowledge is amazing posting all your previous Spark blog history attached to your WordPress when I couldn’t even create a WP account! Hugs X

  2. dsjb9999, I know you are “you” 🙂

    I was asking “Anonymous” if they are BROOKLYN_BORN, because I got an email from her, asking how WordPress comments work.

    (I have this blog set to allow anonymous comments from those who don’t want to make an account. To prevent spam I have to approve anonymous comments before they go up)

  3. It’s all good! ❤️

    I suspect you got a notification because you’ve also written to this comment thread.

    Eventually all of this will become clear. If you think about it, we both joined SP 12 years ago, which has been plenty of time to get used to how it worked – including its quirks! 😂

    I think we’re doing pretty darn well, given that we’ve been doing most of this new stuff less than a month. 🏆

    1. Thanks very much, I appreciate your kindness!

      Think you are very tech savy. Wish I knew more.

      Didn’t respond to message from dove eyes! This us first Google message I have been brave enough to respond to but those mushrooms look amazing!

    1. Thanks!

      Those golden oysters are particularly photogenic. 😁
      Most of the others we grow are brown or gray. Except the blewits. Those are a lovely greyish purple!

      I’m kind of sad the pink oysters don’t grow well on logs (they are only recommended for straw or other indoor growing media). I think they’d be fun to photograph too!

  4. I also love mushrooms but have never enjoyed golden mushrooms — are they as flavourful as they are beautiful? Wonderful pictures . . . and yes, they deserve a very special recipe! WATERMELLEN

    1. They taste pretty much like any other very fresh oyster mushroom. While the variety doesn’t make much difference, the freshness does!

      Fresh mushrooms have all kinds of delicate flavors that aren’t there when they’re older…

  5. I have never sseen such beautiful mushrooms before. They look amazing and they sounded delicious the way you discribed making them.

    1. I agree! Those ones in particular are a nice color 🙂

      Pretty easy to grow… Just set it & forget it!

      Yeast is a fungus too – it makes me smile to know you guys have a sample of one of our fungal cultures. 😁

  6. I have entertained the idea of cultivating mushrooms.. tried once from some my friend gave me, but it didn’t take.. I have noticed a lot of new mushrooms species sprouting up on my property this year.. not sure if any are edible though.. these look fabulous!!!

    1. Thanks!

      These are super easy; the main thing is to match the right species of tree and cut it at the right time of year. Field and Forest have really clear instructions on their site, and they’re really helpful over the phone too 🙂

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