Everything we do here serves multiple purposes, if I can manage it…including growing pole beans.

Pole bean “awning” growing over our sliding glass door

Since our house is passive solar, the front is (mostly) oriented to the south. The “mostly” is another story that I won’t get into here.

Anyway, in the summer any extra shade we can get on that side of the house helps keep us cool. It also means we also can sometimes lift the exterior shade in front of that window, to see out. (Or nap in front of the window, if there’s nothing interesting out there at the moment)

View of the trellis “awning” from inside

I like to grow beans for shade so we can also EAT the results! Today was our first “real” harvest (other than “testing” one now and then). That right there is sunlight shaded from our house, converted into 136g of fresh, crispy green beans. Yum. 😉

136g of green beans, on a kitchen scale

11 thoughts on “Beans!”

  1. Awesome love your home 🙂 , we have solar panels on our shed … maybe I could grow plants like that the kangaroos would have trouble reaching some of them 🙂

  2. I’ve been reading about developments in photovoltaic buildings — not solar panels added on but wall and roofing materials built to capture sun energy and store it. Your bean trellis reminds me of the scarlet runner tipi on bamboo poles we grew every summer when our kids were little — glorious blossoms and beans, and a lovely little hideaway for the kids too.

  3. Sure like the way you’ve put those pole beans to use in multiple ways: good eating and shade. The dog and the cats appear to appreciate it too.

  4. What an excellent idea using the beans in that way and I’m sure you’ll enjoy eating them as well as the shade they provide. What is your dog’s name, he is really gorgeous.

    I am loving growing peas this year and can’t wait for them to develop more, did see a tiny one today and was very excited.

    1. Thanks! This is the third year trying to get this idea to work, and so far the most successful.

      Aren’t tiny legumes adorable? The teeny beans look like little green fingernail clippings. LOL

      Cayenne is a coonhound we got from the pound in a city in the area. I think they said they found her running around loose, and no one had come to claim (or adopt) her for 3+ months. The vet estimated that she was about 3 years old. That would make her about 8 now. She was pretty unhappy and unhousebroken and untrained when we got her. Now she’s pretty content and always eager to please. Other than treeing raccoons, her favorite hobby is snuggling on the couch.

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