The perennials are going like gangbusters right now, especially the asters…

Blanket- and cone flowers, and brown eyed susans
Coneflowers - orange with dark brown centers
Purple Coneflower close up​
Day lily ​close up
Day lilies​
Daisies and coneflowers​
Hanging baskets with salvia and miniature petunias​

…and the Bean Awning is producing more beans than shade, at the moment! 😂

Loads of green beans waiting to be picked​

19 thoughts on “Flowers!”

    1. Thanks! The beans do taste really “beany,” but that’s not a bad thing. They’re a nice shape for dipping into tzatziki… 😋

      The flowers keep us entertained! I planted a bunch of the wildflowers after the house was finished, as a way to hold the stripped earth. 🙂

  1. Oh, the flowers are wonderful! Thank you for sharing photos of them with us. I had to look to see if the coneflowers were part of the aster family and I see that they are. I’m sure you’re enjoying the beans … shade or no shade. I imagine the hummingbirds are fond of the hanging flowers. You’ve created a lovely spot there for yourselves. ~ JEANKNEE

    1. Thanks! Oddly I’ve only seen the one hummingbird ever drink from the salvia, and only once. They don’t really visit the hanging fuchsias on the north side of the house, either. The do take nectar from the evening primrose, though. Mostly they seem to like the feeders. 😉Picky, picky! LOL

      1. Do you have special sauce in those feeders? You’ve left me chuckling and grinning here. Well, you have provided them with many choices and, clearly, they have their faves.

  2. Beauties! We have Day lilies that are continually blooming since Easter and floribundas roses that are year around.

    1. Thanks for being my guinea pig, JEANKNEE! 🙂 Your screenshots are super helpful. I’ve redacted the email, from them, and wonder if I can use them to help others? See separate email message. 😉

      1. Glad I was able to help and see that you’ve posted a tutorial blog to help others with the process. Team work! 🙂 ~ JEANKNEE

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