14 thoughts on “Hot in here, already?”

    1. This one is 19 lbs as of today but that is more than he ought to weigh. He joined the “Get back to Goal” challenge today. LOL

      He’s very sweet and cuddly with an agreeable temperament.

  1. Aww Phoenix lies on the floor on the 38-42 deg C days we get in Summer and I wet my hands and go over his fur 🙂

  2. I have come back to this Blog many times. Thinking I am so glad you are looking out for his welfare! He is so adorable but is there a sparkcat.com in his furture? (((HUGS)))

  3. Love the picture and glad I found you! I added you to my reading list so will be following you much more regularly now.

      1. Saw your RIP SP blog. Still hard to say goodby. They were good friends that supported me in tough times. I’ll miss the resources and the people. Yes, we’ll move on and recreate what we can. That’s what there is to do. Maybe it’s the pandemic thinking. I just don’t want any more change or decisions. Thanks for your support on Google Group. I’m enjoying getting to know you.

        1. Yeah, I know, right? The “real” world is already topsy-turvy, with constant ongoing exhausting complicated risk assessment decisions.

          And now we all have to learn multiple new platforms, in order to continue our online social connections (?!). Ugh.

          You’ve got it right. Too. Many. Decisions. 😳😬

          And I also agree that it’s been really cool getting to know each other in new ways, that the old, comfortable platform might not have facilitated as well. ❤️

          I just hope we can all settle into new routines that provide the support we need, to navigate our health journeys. Especially in the face of all the external decision fatigue we’re experiencing!

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