Two-way stripes Möbius Cowl

I just love knitting puzzles. I think this blog over here nailed what I love so much about them. Although I do have some ideas for a 2-sided brioche cowl and may try her cast-on, I wanted to try this first.

Inspired by this pattern, I wanted to knit something like that in the round, and so I worked out how one would do it, combining helical knitting, 1×1 rib, slipped stitches on alternating rows, and using a “normal” Bordhi-style Möbius cast-on:

A Möbius cowl under construction, in two yarns (lime, and a dark variegated blue/green/purple).  One side has vertical stripes, the other, horizontal stripes, one stitch high.
A close-up shot of the stripes going in two directions, at the origin where the cowl was cast on

It has one-stitch-high stripes going around in the “back,” and vertical stripes in the “front.” 😁 Because it’s made using Möbius construction, both “sides” show at the same time.

Photo of the 203g ball of multicolored worsted wool after detangling.  There is no “before” photo because I had no idea it would be such an epic effort!​

The ironic back story is that the dark multicolored yarn was actually purchased 19 years ago in Philadelphia for the purposes of making a plain stockinette Möbius cowl because I wanted to see how it worked. I found out and promptly lost interest and this poor yarn has literally been through 6 cats, umpteen moves, team detangling (It took three evenings to untangle all of it and H had to help on the third untangling sesson – how did 4 strands get separately wrapped around one of the handles of the canvas bag it was in ??)

Photo of the yarn in a hat that was eventually deemed “too big” by H.  He stole mine! LOL​

…been knitted into a hat he eventually said was too big, lost, found, washed frogged, skeined, soaked, dried, and re-balled.

And here it is again, turning into a Möbius cowl. I feel like I’m stuck in a time warp. ROFL

Fall mushroom season has started!

Look! We have three kinds fruiting today! All on wild cherry, innoculated in the spring of 2020.

A stump of cherry wood cut into segments about 10” high and reassembled in a stack, with clusters of glossy brown mushrooms poking out from between the interstices and between the bark on the lowest segment
A small chestnut brown shiitake mushroom peeking out from between stacked cherry log segments.
Shiitake (Native Harvest™️)
A small mustard yellow mushroom poking out just above a gap between two cherry log segments.  A cluster of similar mushrooms can be seen growing deeper in the crack.
A photo of 15 stacks of logs with arrows pointing out which ones are: Shiitake (Native Harvest, Night Velvet), Nameko, and Mukitake
This is what the cluster of totems looked like last fall, when we unbagged them. It’s the shadiest part of our yard and never gets direct sunlight, even in the summer.

I like getting our sawdust spawn from Field & Forest. Their customer service over the phone is super helpful, and they sell many varieties of shiitake and lots of other species. And this totem method for inoculating has got to be the easiest way to manage mushroom logs at home – set it, and forget it! 😁

It must be fall, because our little anti-scurvy orchard came inside today, also. 🥶

Interior shot of a sliding glass door with five large potted citrus trees next to the glass.  In front of the trees there is a tall kitty condo with one kitty on it, a short kitty post with a kitty on it, and a dog bed with a coonhound on it.  To the left of the door is a chair with another kitty on it.
From left to right: Key lime, Calamondin, Calamondin, unknown orange grown from seed, Meyer lemon. How many pets can you find in this photo? Answer in the alt text. 😉

Just checking in

Wow. Has it really been so long since I posted something other than maintenance anniversaries? Time is flying, although I’m not entirely sure I’ve been having fun, exactly. LOL

I’ve been trying to hold steady here, through our fall harvest (tomatoes, especially, are being canned and dried and eaten as fast as we can pick them)

A tray full of shiny red and yellow tomatoes of various sizes abd shapes
A baking tray showing a thick layer of face-up halved tomatoes in the process of drying
Vanna White sitting on a bench, looking through chicken wire at a tray of sliced tomatoes drying in the sun

I’ve been knitting stuff, including learning fisherman’s rib

A cowl knit in the round, using a pattern from here:

and brioche,

A dishcloth swatch of “honeycomb” brioche, learned from

trying out an idea for a lizard ridge mobius cowl,

Vanna white (cat) curled in a little ball on the corner of an ottoman. A knit cowl takes up most of the rest of the space.  It is half and half mustard dishcloth yarn and variegated autumn colors.  If you look closely, you can see that the origin is in the middle with the knit growing one side, and purl on the other.  There are short-row “bumps” because it is Lizard Ridge pattern

and revisiting the ballband dishcloth, just because.

The “front” side of a 34-stitch ballband dishcloth with black interstices and a fall ombre yarn forming the “bricks.”
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September Maintenance Anniversaries!

A Keith Harring type cartoon of multicolored stylized people supporting each other in a pyramid, with the one on the top reaching for the sun

This is the first month we’ve had maintenance anniversaries to announce, and no SP to announce it on…

It saddens me to know that many of the people on the Hall of Fame won’t see us celebrating their anniversary when it comes around, since few have provided a URL or place to find them. So I’ll try a few things besides announcing it on the Google group, including posting an announcement here.

If you happen to see this and are in touch with former Sparkers elsewhere*, such as on FB, or MFP, or any other place, please feel free to copy and re-post, to spread the word!

*And if they have a visible profile at this -elsewhere-, please encourage them to update their maintenance info to include a URL to it, so anyone else on that platform can also congratulate them! ❤️

Congratulations to our September maintainers! 

Maintenance Hall of Fame:

To get onto this list or update your information, go here:

These are important milestones!

– The likelihood of regaining weight when you reach goal is 80%+ to 95% (various sources).
– When you’ve maintained for 2 years the likelihood of regain drops to 50%.*
– When you’ve maintained for 5 years the likelihood of regain drops to 27%!*


And don’t forget, we have lots of maintenance information and advice collected in our Big Page of (maintenance) Links.

Our most valuable maintenance resource, however, is our dedicated group* of real, live Maintainers and Aspiring Maintainers! 😀

*This group is agnostic with regard to tracker and/or fitness platform. Our members are using: LoseIt, MFP, Cronometer, FatSecret, MyNetDiary, 1st Phorm, etc. We encourage folks to use whatever works best for them, personally. The main thing is having the support of other maintainers, people who get what it’s like, to be in this for the long haul. 💖