September Maintenance Anniversaries!

A Keith Harring type cartoon of multicolored stylized people supporting each other in a pyramid, with the one on the top reaching for the sun

This is the first month we’ve had maintenance anniversaries to announce, and no SP to announce it on…

It saddens me to know that many of the people on the Hall of Fame won’t see us celebrating their anniversary when it comes around, since few have provided a URL or place to find them. So I’ll try a few things besides announcing it on the Google group, including posting an announcement here.

If you happen to see this and are in touch with former Sparkers elsewhere*, such as on FB, or MFP, or any other place, please feel free to copy and re-post, to spread the word!

*And if they have a visible profile at this -elsewhere-, please encourage them to update their maintenance info to include a URL to it, so anyone else on that platform can also congratulate them! โค๏ธ

Congratulations to our September maintainers! 

Maintenance Hall of Fame:

To get onto this list or update your information, go here:

These are important milestones!

– The likelihood of regaining weight when you reach goal is 80%+ to 95% (various sources).
– When you’ve maintained for 2 years the likelihood of regain drops to 50%.*
– When you’ve maintained for 5 years the likelihood of regain drops to 27%!*


And don’t forget, we have lots of maintenance information and advice collected in our Big Page of (maintenance) Links.

Our most valuable maintenance resource, however, is our dedicated group* of real, live Maintainers and Aspiring Maintainers! ๐Ÿ˜€

*This group is agnostic with regard to tracker and/or fitness platform. Our members are using: LoseIt, MFP, Cronometer, FatSecret, MyNetDiary, 1st Phorm, etc. We encourage folks to use whatever works best for them, personally. The main thing is having the support of other maintainers, people who get what itโ€™s like, to be in this for the long haul. ๐Ÿ’–

20 thoughts on “September Maintenance Anniversaries!”

  1. Awesome that we can still celebrate, SOMEWHERE! Maintaining a weight loss is a huge achievement, congrats to all the September anniversary celebrants!

  2. What a wonderful idea, I know one and will say on their blog but I am sure others will pass on our collective congrats ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. โค๏ธ Thank you for keeping this alive! It is so sad how we have been scattered to the wind.

    1. We can do what we can.

      Feel free to repost the monthly anniversaries from here, wherever you are crossing paths with other SP refugees. ๐Ÿ’–

      If you do, I recommend including the link to the Hall of Fame so people can update their info and see the rest of the list ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Good info to have on the statistics for regaining weight after reaching goal. I’m pretty certain I can GET to goal, if I just stick with what I’m doing now. The challenge, as we all know, is STAYING there – not celebrating with CAKE! Yay!!! Meh. OK, I’m working on this…so that when I get there, I’m mentally prepared.

    1. Seriously, though, Holly, it appears that regain and generally holding onto maintenance is extremely difficult, for a large proportion of people. Thatโ€™s one reason for the Big Page of Links. It includes a sort of road map for figuring out the transition to maintenance, and how to figure out a way to make it stick.

      Even more than weight loss, maintenance is a slippery concept and it is rare that an off-the-shelf โ€œsolutionโ€ will work. It requires a lot of trial and error and figuring out what works for each individual person.

      And even then, unanticipated external stuff can happen and derail the status quo. 2020 (and the years leading up to it) were so rough on so many maintainers, that we even started a “Get back to Goal” thing (I called it a “challenge,” but it’s so low-key that I’m not even sure it deserves that designation.) It’s geared toward fostering healthy habits and behaviors, with the weight management as a byproduct.

  5. I did my part and posted on mynetdiary for our little group of former sparkpeople . How wonderful for everyone . Congrats to all of them .

  6. I just wanted to add to the congrats . I think long time maintainers are inspirational . And I don’t know if you got my other comment , it did not appear , when I read the comments . But I did notify our small group over at mynetdiaries . Congrats to all .

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