Just checking in

Wow. Has it really been so long since I posted something other than maintenance anniversaries? Time is flying, although I’m not entirely sure I’ve been having fun, exactly. LOL

I’ve been trying to hold steady here, through our fall harvest (tomatoes, especially, are being canned and dried and eaten as fast as we can pick them)

A tray full of shiny red and yellow tomatoes of various sizes abd shapes
A baking tray showing a thick layer of face-up halved tomatoes in the process of drying
Vanna White sitting on a bench, looking through chicken wire at a tray of sliced tomatoes drying in the sun

I’ve been knitting stuff, including learning fisherman’s rib

A cowl knit in the round, using a pattern from here: https://www.happyknitter.club/2018/12/foliage-scarf.html

and brioche,

A dishcloth swatch of “honeycomb” brioche, learned from https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QIQI8xYxEu0

trying out an idea for a lizard ridge mobius cowl,

Vanna white (cat) curled in a little ball on the corner of an ottoman. A knit cowl takes up most of the rest of the space.  It is half and half mustard dishcloth yarn and variegated autumn colors.  If you look closely, you can see that the origin is in the middle with the knit growing one side, and purl on the other.  There are short-row “bumps” because it is Lizard Ridge pattern

and revisiting the ballband dishcloth, just because.

The “front” side of a 34-stitch ballband dishcloth with black interstices and a fall ombre yarn forming the “bricks.”

One of us was exposed to Covid, so distancing and testing were on order until we could establish “no infection detected” for either of us. (We’re vaccinated but we don’t want to spread this thing) And I’ve also been working on decluttering and cleaning certain areas of the house in preparation for winter, when such activities are more difficult.

I’ve been spending most of my time on the group for Maintainers and Aspiring Maintainers, and getting out for walks while dodging the particularly painful late-season mosquitoes. 🦟🦟🦟😬 We haven’t really gotten into autumn colors or Mushroom Season yet…

27 thoughts on “Just checking in”

    1. Thanks for the kind words about the knitting. Sometimes my ahem “experiments” aren’t particularly aesthetically pleasing, or functional; I’m attracted to the puzzles of construction and pattern, and end up frogging 🐸 a lot of them. Fortunately cotton washcloth yarn is pretty forgiving of such abuse!

      I would be freezing sauce, except that the chest freezer is already full! 😂

      I keep having to excavate to make room. Most recently I squeezed some blanched green beans in there. 😉

  1. Yes it definitely has been awhile :), though worth the wait. What beautiful projects, a great crop of tomatoes. I am not fan of mosquitoes, though they love to bite me and I get welts.
    Thanks for the referral too 🙂
    I am finished the first sleeve and onto the second on the tasteful Lace 🙂
    Still loving it.

    1. I’m not thrilled with mosquitoes either, but the ones that give me the worst welts are the blackflies! 🪰🪰🪰 😳😬

      I’m enjoying watching the progress of your projects – Never really understood the appeal of lace until I met you. ❤️🙂

          1. Thanks but can’t down load it as the other site has cookies I will stick with ones I have already and give it a go 🙂

            1. I will enjoy watching whatever you make 🙂

              I mentioned that one project because I like her description of the I-cord selvedge in the notes, and the way the two gradient yarns played with each other. I have some Noro that would be beautiful in a project like that… 🤔

              The actual pattern is just 2-color fisherman’s rib (or brioche depending on how you execute it) which can be learned anywhere. I happen to like how “knittycat” explains things 😉

  2. Hiya! How lovely to see your projects and read your September blog!
    I’m very impressed by your gorgeous knits. I’ve knitted several sweaters in recent years that I’ve not enjoyed wearing. Defragging is a chore too! So my knitting has settled at 6″ squares for a blanket throw! By the time it’s finished it will have cost me a LOT of money in dribs and drabs!!!! I fancy the dishcloths, but am committed to one project at a time – so they’ll have to wait!

    1. I’ve sometimes wondered if I should be making blanket squares instead of washcloths… At least then they’d have a greater purpose in life, LOL. (Pun sort of intended)

      But if I’m really honest with myself, not all of the things I am learning by doing them are compatible thicknesses, stretchiness, etc. some don’t even come out square – or even rectangular !😬😂

      And I kind of like the freedom to test ideas on one-off objects…

      So I guess I will continue with the washcloth swatches for a while…

      I’d love to see the squares you’ve completed. I think I like looking at knitting almost as much as doing it! 😀

    1. I cheated a little – when the sun is high in the sky and we have adequate electricity I also put them in the convection toaster oven at 160F 😉

      The feline condescends to lend her “grace” to most of our activities…her latest trick is unrolling the toilet paper! 5ft at a time.😳

      So now we have to keep it somewhere less convenient for everyone, including us! 🙄

  3. I read this yesterday and thought I left a comment, but, now not only does it appear to be gone, I have completely forgotten what I said! I love the sunlight angle on the photo of the cat stalking those tomatoes!

    And of course, the skills shown off with the yarn work… ooh, new phrase: “yarn work” and “yard work”… both things that show progress. Both things I’m not skilled at.

    1. Hmm – I didn’t see an email come through about a comment, but given all the computery weirdness going around lately, I am entirely willing to believe there was a glitch. Glad you tried again!

      In that photo, Vanna is considering how to get to those interesting, sticky tomato “raisins,” so she can scatter them all around the house under furniture, where the Pet Hair Tumbleweeds live… (In another comment I divulged that she has suddenly developed a penchant for unrolling TP. Doesn’t matter which way it is positioned – toward wall or toward room) What a pest. But we ❤ her, anyway.

      I would call this, “yarn play” more than “yarn work” LOL
      YARD work is actually work, even when it’s fun! Hahahaha

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