Round 4 of the “Get back to Goal” challenge has started…

A chart of the participants' percentage of starting weight along the Y axis, and dates along the X axis.  Everyone was at 100% on 8/4/21.  By 10/10/21 some had ranged as high as 102.5% and as low as 91.5%
Look how well everyone did in Round 3!

Round 4 of the “Get back to Goal” challenge just started!

It is all about reinforcing healthy habits, with weight loss and stabilization as result, not necessarily a reason. Super low key. Check in whenever you feel like it. 🙂

A silhouette of a maple leaf filled in with 70's appliance colors of these words: Blankie!
Here’s a word art of our entries, so far, to get us started

Not Cowboy Cookies

A toaster-oven sized pizza pan with 11 slightly-browned crunchy, seedy cookies on it.

In our maintenance Google group we have a, “What’s Cookin, Good Lookin’?” thread, and Katie3908 shared that she had made “Cowboy Cookies.” I never heard of these so I asked for a URL and she provided one.

I thought I had all of the ingredients when I began making these, but I was wrong and had to do on-the-fly substitutions (bad pantry management. Oops). So these are, “Not Cowboy Cookies.” 😂

Although they have eggs, the coconut in them reminds me a little of Anzac Biscuits. Here is what is actually in what I made (screenshots from the LoseIt app)

A screenshot of a food tracker app, which says the following:
Not Cowboy Cookies (1141g)
265g whole wheat flour
6g baking soda
4g baking powder
3g salt
74g butter
285g sugar
24g molasses
Ingredients continued (I wish this stupid app had a better way yo share recipes!)

74g butter
150g eggs
1t vanilla (forgot to write down the weight. D’oh!)
136g flax seeds
59g bittersweet chocolate chips
118g unsweetened dry coconut
130g dried sweetened cranberries

These have minimal chocolate chips, no rolled oats, and no nuts. Instead they have unsweetened coconut, flax seeds, and dried cranberries. I used home-ground whole wheat flour instead of regular flour, decreased the butter a little, and cut the sugar by 30%. They still seem awfully sweet, so I think next time I’ll cut the sugar to half what the original recipe called for. I had trouble sticking them together so I used 3 eggs instead of two.

Screenshot showing nutrition

For one 28g cookie, you get:

126 calories 
5.8g fat
2.9g saturated fat
17.7 mg cholesterol 
132.8 mg sodium
17.5g carbs
2.3 g fiber
10.5 g sugar
2.4 g protein
An overhead shot of a tin of crunchy seedy browned irregular cookies

H pronounced them, “good,” so they are serving their intended purpose, whatever you want to call them. 😉

PS. We have LOTS of steel cut oats, but no rolled, that I could find. So I finally broke down and bought a flake mill to go with my stand mixer.

Sock update: The toes are finally starting to look like something.

Two sock toes on a pair of circular needles.  One of the toes has a stitch marker pinned to it, and one of the needle tips has a sewing thread knotted through the lifeline hole at its base.
Two cats are sitting, facing a door (out of view), looking back over their shoulders at the photographer.  They are bith wearing little gray sweaters, knit out of nasty fake mohair.  They do not seem concerned about the sweaters, and look impatient to be let into the attic, to look for Mice.
Bonus photo for Barb (OKM). Yes, those are little cat sweaters. On cats.

The white kitty is in a sampler I knit to learn how to construct a gansey. The orange kitty is in a gansey I made later, because I wanted to see if I could do the first gansey better, for the way a cat is shaped (has to do with arm position)

September Maintenance Anniversaries!

A Keith Harring type cartoon of multicolored stylized people supporting each other in a pyramid, with the one on the top reaching for the sun

This is the first month we’ve had maintenance anniversaries to announce, and no SP to announce it on…

It saddens me to know that many of the people on the Hall of Fame won’t see us celebrating their anniversary when it comes around, since few have provided a URL or place to find them. So I’ll try a few things besides announcing it on the Google group, including posting an announcement here.

If you happen to see this and are in touch with former Sparkers elsewhere*, such as on FB, or MFP, or any other place, please feel free to copy and re-post, to spread the word!

*And if they have a visible profile at this -elsewhere-, please encourage them to update their maintenance info to include a URL to it, so anyone else on that platform can also congratulate them! ❤️

Congratulations to our September maintainers! 

Maintenance Hall of Fame:

To get onto this list or update your information, go here:

These are important milestones!

– The likelihood of regaining weight when you reach goal is 80%+ to 95% (various sources).
– When you’ve maintained for 2 years the likelihood of regain drops to 50%.*
– When you’ve maintained for 5 years the likelihood of regain drops to 27%!*


And don’t forget, we have lots of maintenance information and advice collected in our Big Page of (maintenance) Links.

Our most valuable maintenance resource, however, is our dedicated group* of real, live Maintainers and Aspiring Maintainers! 😀

*This group is agnostic with regard to tracker and/or fitness platform. Our members are using: LoseIt, MFP, Cronometer, FatSecret, MyNetDiary, 1st Phorm, etc. We encourage folks to use whatever works best for them, personally. The main thing is having the support of other maintainers, people who get what it’s like, to be in this for the long haul. 💖

Starting over, over here

Another Sparkpeople refugee. Working on moving my old blogs, both from SP, and from my old WordPress account, to this spot.

In the meantime, here’s an index of my old SP posts:

And here’s a link to my pre-SP blog:

…and here is a link to the Google group for maintainers and aspiring maintainers where I hang out, most of the time:

A Keith Harring type cartoon of multicolored stylized people supporting each other in a pyramid, with the one on the top reaching for the sun